“They endure days away from their families so that ours are safe”

Messi did not hide his disappointment after losing against Atlético.

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Leo Messi wanted to share a thank you message Aimed at all the health workers who these days are dedicating their lives to fighting coronavirus and treating thousands of sick people in hospitals both in Spain and throughout the world.

“Yesterday ended the World Week of Health workers and, together with @unicef, I want to send you my deepest thanks for the task they perform,” wrote the Argentine on Instagram on Sunday.

The message continued to praise the work of these “anonymous heroes who endure long days and nights away from their families, so that ours are safe from COVID-19

He also especially wanted to thank his commitment to the most vulnerable these days. “For continuing, despite everything, his noble commitment to take care of pregnant women, and keep children and adolescents protected,” concluded the message of thanks.

This is not the first time that Messi is in solidarity with the cause of the coronavirus and manifests itself on social networks, since a few days ago he also urged his more than 200 million followers to stay home. “It is perfect to enjoy that time with yours, which you cannot always have,” he published.


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