“Barça cannot play that historic luck that other clubs have had”

Xavi Hernández distributes some instructions among his teammates during the Champions League final against Juventus in 2015.

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The former player of FC Barcelona and current coach of Al-Sadd, Xavi Hernandez, attended in a interview to YouTube star DjMaRiiO for the ‘Post United’ channel where reviewed his future at Barça, the sporting situation of the azulgranas and why not he also gave him a ‘stick’ to Real Madrid.


  • Coach at Al Sadd since 2019

17 seasons as a player at FC Barcelona

Xavi admitted that once his adventure began is trained to be a coach and dreams of returning to the Camp Nou, an option that sounded very strong after the dismissal of Valverde earlier this year. “I don’t know why people see me like this (as a coach), but I like it. It’s an illusion, a dream to return to Barcelona.” That yes, knows that occupying the bench culé “are bigger words and you have to be very prepared, “he said.

Following his philosophy as a player on the field, the Catalan showed himself possession football supporter. “When my team has the ball it is when I am calm. I prefer that my team have the ball, it is not having it for having it.”

On the current situation of the team, leader of LaLiga and living in the Champions League before the pandemic break, he admitted that he sees his former teammates as favorites in domestic competition, but in Europe it is different.

“Barça have won Champions when they have been far superior to other rivals. You can not play that historic luck that other clubs have had“He mentioned taking advantage to send a message to Real Madrid.” Barça must be very dominating, very sure of itself, “he added.

Xavi and Casillas, friends off the field, have met on numerous occasions.

“Yes, Madrid, why not. Not only Madrid, there have been other clubs that have had it. Barça were lucky at Stamford Bridge, with 10 players and Iniesta’s goal practically without shooting on goal, “he gave as an example.” I tell him lucky when you don’t have a good season, you are fourth, fifth, sixth in LaLiga and you win the Champions. That has never happened to Barça. “

The historic ‘6’ azulgrana He blessed the arrival of the two main objectives of the club in the market: Neymar and Lautaro Martínez. Soccer-wise about the Brazilian, Xavi “has no doubts.” “I’ve lived with him in a locker room and he seems like a great person. He was professional here and would make a difference. On the field he is among the top five.”

Regarding Lautaro, he was also in favor of his arrival in Barcelona to reinforce the attack. “I like it, who doesn’t? He stands out well, gives depth, plays space, with few spaces. Barça does well to take an interest

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