“I dreamed of winning the Champions League and walking the cup between cows in Liencres”

Video call of the first team of Barça.

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The coach of FC Barcelona, Quique Setién, pointed out this Wednesday that he has ever dreamed of winning the Champions League and showing it in his town (Liencres, Cantabria) among cows.

“I have already told the players: that I am in a hurry and that I have no time to lose. And that I would like to win either the Champions League or LaLiga, and if it can be both, much better, obviously. Of course I have dreamed it, and walk around Liencres, with the cows, with the Cup, hey, with the Champions over there, showing it, “said the technician smiling, in an interview with TV3.

The coach, confined to his home, attended Catalan regional television in an interview that will broadcast this afternoon but offered a preview on his social networks.

Setién already appeared yesterday in the club’s media, when he led a telematic meeting with his players, and he was the only one who adorned the environment, since it appeared on the screen with a photograph of a heavenly place, with palm trees behind him.

Setién ends his contract in a year and a half (June 2021), when the mandate of President Josep Maria Bartomeu ends, and he has another renewable that he must negotiate with the new president. He said he hopes to fulfill everything and even renew it.

Regarding the current situation and how the LaLiga will be resolved, Setién stated the following: “I would like to play and be champion by playing. This is obvious. The reality is that the situation is as it is. I do not know if that would be worth granting a title The reality is that I am indifferent. I’m not going to feel champion even if I have two more points than when I arrived, that we were equated with the Madrid

“What really worries me is that this is solved as soon as possible. That we can go out and hug each other, and recover all the older people who are suffering the most from this situation with the greatest intensity, and the rest is superfluous. If we have to finish and we cannot play … And if we play, then great, if that is going to allow us to maintain that difference, “he said.

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