“We are facing a very clear case of corruption at Barça”

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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The former vice president of FC BarcelonaEmili Rousaud has ensured that there is a “very clear case of corruption” in the Blaugrana club for the ‘Barçagate’, the case of control and accusations on social networks by companies contracted by the entity, having divided invoices to evade control of the Board of Directors from which he resigned.

“The awards committee, of which it was a member, watches over legal contracts at market prices. When a contract is intentionally fragmented to evade those controls, we are facing a very clear case of corruption,” he denounced in statements to ‘The Stringer’ of the Cadena SER.

The former Blaugrana director added that there are a series of “absolutely proven” facts that they are irregular behaviors that can be “perfectly classified as corruption”. “It highlights the fact of dividing contracts between related companies in order to evade the club’s internal controls,” he reiterated.

Rousaud believes that the president, Josep Maria BartomeuHe was aware of the case before him and several members of the Board of Directors, but he does not know since when he knew these facts. “Bartomeu knew it because as soon as this topic comes up, he begins to delve into this matter. I have no doubt that he was at least knowledgeable about the subject, I do not know if at the initial moment or later, “he said.

  • The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, at the 2018 Assembly

“The members of the Board know the subject through the press, when the scandal is uncovered and explanations are started within the club. You start to pull the thread and disassemble the ball. Being inside the club, I have denounced it and it is the reason why I am not part of the Board of Directors, “he acknowledged.

Emili Rousaud, former vice president of FC Barcelona.

The one who was going to be Bartomeu’s ‘dolphin’ in the future elections, now defeated as five other members of the Board who also resigned, reiterated that he has a moral and legal obligation to denounce things that may be “motive for crime”.

“The contracts are linked because they are identical, only the name of the company changes. There is no doubt that the five companies are linked, one of them is domiciled in a tax haven and it is impossible to know who is behind it. But there are indications of a overwhelming solidity, there is no doubt, “he added, making it clear that not only I3 Ventures is within this ‘Barçagate’.

On the other hand, Rousaud believes that Bartomeu will exhaust his mandate, which will not resign or call early elections. “He is a very resilient person, he has a capacity to withstand the really remarkable pressure and he is determined to end his contract, so I would not be surprised if he ended it. Another thing is that this is in the best interests of the club’s interests,” he said. .

Emili Rousard

Yes it is clear that the complaint that the club will file it has no legal basis, since it has not denounced anyone in particular as the possible culprit in this case. “I am not saying that they are either. Who can be the leadership, but that requires an investigation. I do not accuse anyone, I do not know who has done what. It seems to me little decent that the club tries to file a complaint against me when I have not made an accusation against anyone in particular, “he defended.

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