“He is the best friend I have”


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Gerard Piqué He wanted to show off the nice on social networks poem what your son has written Milan. In these days of confinement, the eldest of the sons of Piqué and Shakira has wanted write your father a few words in English, describing the player and counting the moments they share together.

“I love my lovely dad who always makes me happy. He is the best friend I have, he never makes me sad. He plays all sports with me and likes to jet-ski. We both like to climb trees and run away from bees. We make up a lot of things and play chess like kings. We like to jump through puddles and then we like to snuggle. We like to ride bikes and hike. I love my lovely dad who always makes me happy “

Milan poem. Very proud of him!“, wrote the FC Barcelona player on his social networks together with his son’s poem. The young Piqué, if he does not exploit his inherited soccer quality, will surely be able to do so with his writing skills that he already shows at just 7 years old.

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