Ibai Llanos recovers an unsuccessful tweet from Gerard Piqué about 2020 … and they return it in abundance

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Ibai Llanos it is becoming a mass phenomenon even more than it was before confinement. Therefore, his followers have grown exponentially and he is involved in various initiatives with LaLiga and various footballers. His particular sense of humor makes him very dear, although sometimes his unmistakable ‘troll’ character.

This is what happened on twitter when he wanted to make fun of a message from Gerard Piqué. The Barcelona center-back, like so many others, celebrated the entry of the year 2020 without knowing the one that was coming. “2020. Sounds great!”wrote the central. “Well seen Gerard”, has written Ibai, alluding to the clearly misguided forecast of the defense.

Thanks to this Ibai quote, many other tweeters began to retrieve this message from Piqué.

The problem with writing a lot on twitter is that, due to sheer probability, the mistake is made. And in this case, Ibai has been more than returned. A follower of his recovered a message, also on the occasion of the entry of 2020, in which the caster was excited before a year that “the year of our life”.

“Shit in my fucking life,” Ibai himself reacted when he saw himself “self-driving.”

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