“The first day in prison they gave us four condoms and bags of petroleum jelly”

Sandro Rosell, ex-president of Barcelona, ​​on his release from Soto del Real prison.

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Sandro Rosell He is already a free man, after his release from prison a year ago after spending 643 days in preventive detention, but that changed his life forever. He admits it himself in a new installment of his extensive interview with ‘Mundo Deportivo’, in which he makes a curious confession: how was your entry into the Soto del Real prison, in Madrid.

“I remember that they gave us four condoms and four bags of petroleum jelly… I worried a little bit, “he points out, as an anecdote. However, that was not the worst thing for him, logically, but the setbacks he received from the news from his lawyers.” Every day that our lawyer came to tell us that we had been Denied parole again, always because of the risk of flight, without apparent justification, thirteen times they were … “, he recalls.

Noticing the support of his family was key to coping with a situation that, seen with perspective, has changed his character. “Yes I got stronger. In prison, either you die internally as a person or you get stronger, “he says.

“My friend Joan Besolí (who was also arrested) was very important, fundamental. Without him, I can’t stand this,” he recalls. “Marta, my wife, was very strong and a basic pillar of our endurance. My parents, my brothers and my friends too,” says a Rosell who has already been acquitted for lack of evidence since last June.

Towards the magistrate who took her case, the judge Carmen Lamela, launches a serious accusation, which could even lead to legal problems. “Both my attorneys, myself, and a magistrate we have consulted, have no doubt that Judge Lamela prevailed, I do not know, we do not know the reason why he did it, as there is no doubt that Mrs. Lamela could not prevaricate alone“he assures, without giving specific names.

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