Barça gives up the marketing rights to the name of the Camp Nou for the fight against the coronavirus

Camp Nou, FC Barcelona stadium, on match day

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The FC Barcelona will transfer to its Foundation the exploitation oftitles rights‘(sponsor that gives the stadium its name) of the Camp Nou during the next season to invest the income in research projects and destined to fight against the effects of COVID-19, which are carried out in Catalonia and in the rest of the world , as approved by its board of directors on Tuesday.

The club will transfer the sponsorship rights to the Barça Foundation, which will seek a sponsor for the Stadium for next season, who is the one who will give the last name to the Camp Nou during the 2021-22 course.

In a statement, the club and the foundation consider “essential” that in these moments of humanitarian crisis “all the available assets” of the entity be activated to fight the pandemic and its consequences.

For this reason, over the next few weeks, the Fundació Barça, through the club’s commercial area, will open a process to find a sponsor who wants to acquire the ‘title rights’ for an amount that will go to finance research projects and to fight against coronavirus both locally and internationally.

“Once this sponsor has been obtained, your contribution will serve to create a fund that will be divided as follows: one part will be dedicated to a project on COVID-19, promoted by the same sponsor, and the rest will be divided among other projects that will be they are developing in a parallel way “, assures the azulgrana club.

This assignment, for a season, is compatible with the future commercialization of the Camp Nou ‘title rights’ to finance the ‘Espai Barça’ project. In any case, the sponsorship agreement has to be ratified by the assembly of delegates.

Speaking to the Barça club website, Jordi Cardoner Casaus, First Vice President of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative.

“It offers an asset as emblematic as the name of our Stadium so that the institutions, entities and companies that wish to do so can associate and, in this way, contribute to the fight against COVID-19, since their investment will go towards projects research on this disease and projects that are working to eliminate or alleviate its consequences, “insisted the manager.

Cardoner recalled that the crisis is “planetary” and that is unprecedented “in our modern history”, reason why “we have to assume with courage and serenity the responsibility that we have”.

“That is why, both from the club and from the Barça Foundation, we consider it essential that in these moments of humanitarian crisis all the available assets of the entity are activated to fight the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. It is part of our way of doing and to be as an institution, “he said.

“The cause of the fight against the coronavirus is a global cause. Being the first sports entity in the world also means being fully involved in this challenge. And if with our gesture we can inspire other organizations to join, perhaps we can generate a wave of hope for millions of people around the world who are suffering as a result of this pandemic, “Cardoner summarized.

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