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The virtual world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has exploded in the few weeks since its launch. After only a month of existence, it’s sweeping sales and gamers are discovering all sorts of new game features.

There were going to be fewer sports fans, who are increasingly making their presence known in this virtual reality. Fans of all kinds of sports and teams are creating T-shirts, caps, flags and more in honor of their clubs.

The first to arrive were the tributes to Kobe Bryant, the historic Lakers player who lost his life in late January in a fateful helicopter crash. The users of the game have recreated Tshirts theirs with the angelina franchise, both current and ‘retro’ and even walks in his memory with photos of the player.

The basketball fans are some of the most active and creative in this universe, especially those of the NBA. Among the best ideas are authentic designers who have replicated the kits of various teams at different times, and even others who wear them in their virtual houses, those “that can never be allowed”.

Another of the figures that is being honored in the video game is another of the idols of world sport: Leo Messi. Several users are designing his shirts with the Argentine team and with FC Barcelona.

Such is the impact of the game also in sport, that some teams are beginning to participate in the game themselves. It is the case of the New Orleans Saints, NFL football team, which have designed various player jerseys for users to enjoy.

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