The group of partners ‘Barça dignity’ denounces the Bartomeu board for unfair administration and corruption


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A group of partners of the FC Barcelona, under the name ‘Dignidad Azulgrana’, filed a complaint on Tuesday alleged crime of unfair administration and / or corruption against the club board and against the company I3 Ventures for the well-known ‘Barçagate’.

In this matter, Barcelona would have hired the services of a company so that in social networks it generates a favorable transit for government action of the board of directors, but the activity extended to criticize not only members of the entity, but athletes and leaders who are no longer in the club.

In addition, pending an audit report from the investigation that is still ongoing, an off-market price would have been paid for the contract, which led businessman Emili Rousaud a few weeks ago to raise suspicions that, allegedly, there has been someone “who has reached into the box”, hint that slipped just after having resigned as institutional vice president of Barcelona.

In this situation, in which both the board of directors of Barcelona and Rousaud crossed threats of filing a complaint, a group of eight members filed a complaint “for the alleged crime of unfair administration and / or corruption between individuals committed indiciamente by a member of the Barça board of directors or by executives, and also against the responsible I3 Ventures SL and related companies NSG Social Sciences Ventures SL, Tantra Soft SA, Digital Side SA, Big Data Solutions SA and Futuric SA “.

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