Ferreras joins Arbeloa and also pokes Xavi for his statements: “It has to be hard”

Xavi Hernandez

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The words of Xavi on “the historical luck of some clubs” referring to Real Madrid they continue to cause a stir among the Madrid fans. If this week it had been Arbeloa who took the opportunity to respond to Catalan, now he has been the presenter of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, Antonio García Ferreras, recognized meringue, who has come out to stop send a message to the now coach.

We recall that Xavi, admitted that Barça “cannot play that historic luck that some clubs have had” and when he does not develop his good football, he does not succeed. “I mean luck when you don’t have a good season, you are fourth, fifth, sixth in LaLiga and you win the Champions League. That has never happened to Barça,” he said.

However, after admitting the allusion to the Bernabéu, the white defenders jumped against him. Ferreras, as a good Real Madrid player, was not going to be less and commented that “It has to be hard that with Messi at Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid have won 4 of 5 Champions”. The Argentine, considered among the best in history, could not prevent the Vikings from conquering Europe once after another.

In fact, Ferreras himself was praised for the ’10’ of FC Barcelona and does not doubt that it would be the dream and impossible signing that he would do for his team. “I am passionate about Real Madrid. But Messi is a unique player. On soccer fields it seems that God works for Messi“he confessed.

“It has to be hard that with Messi at Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid have won 4 of 5 Champions”

However, in a more realistic, joined those who cry out for the arrival of what seems to be the heir of Leo on the throne of world football, Mbappé, than “would fit perfectly into Zidane’s scheme

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