“I am greater than all this”

The destroyed statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic it didn’t take anything well the fact that Malmoe has removed the statue who placed in the outskirts of his stadium and considered that, despite this decision, his history as a footballer “will always remain”.

The striker of the Milan ironically admitted that “it is a shame” and it is all because they “want attention and they want the media to write about it. They are at a nursery level, but I’m bigger than all of this “, he told Eurosport’s Dplay.

“The statue was what it was, but having disappeared doesn’t mean my story disappears. My story stays forever, “said Zlatan, who sparked controversy with the Malmoe fans when he became an investor in Hammarby, the rival club.

The attacker defended that “I have given that club (Malmoe) 10 million euros,” he explained, referring to the FIFA training right because it is his home club, but he prefers to turn the page: “What happened, happened, now is not important to me. Today there are bigger things, we talk about the health of the world. This statue does not mean anything in the current context. I know what I did and what I contributed. “

Zlatan live with uncertainty the final stretch of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic, since it has a contract with Milan that ends in June, but he wanted to emphasize that “there are still no official decisions. I have always said that I want to play soccer as long as possible and you never know what will happen in the future. I’m a guy who wants to give himself up and I don’t want to keep playing just because of who I am. “

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