Mike Tyson’s controversial partner in the cannabis business Alki David wants to buy the ‘naming’ of the Camp Nou

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The solidarity initiative of the FC Barcelona to assign the rights to put a ‘naming’ to the Camp Nou It has been well received and, among those interested, the name of Alki David, wealthy businessman of Nigerian origin and with a British passport known for being the partner of the legendary former boxer Mike Tyson in the cannabis business.

David, who at 51 has an estimated fortune of 3 billion euros, was already interested in taking over Coventry City in 2007, and assures that have conversations with managers of Barça to appropriate the surname of the Barça stadium.

“This is an opportunity that I am optimistic about. It is a historic moment in the world of sport because of the circumstances, and this fits well with my current plans,” he told the Daily Mail.

The magnate, who owns several companies from different sectors (real estate, streaming video and health), in addition to several Coca-Cola bottling plants, wants to take advantage of Barcelona’s solidarity initiative to be the first to ‘naming’ the Camp Nou and highlights that “we opened a contact at the beginning of this week and i feel pretty confident that we will come to an agreement. “

Alki David did not hide that “Swissx Camp Nou sounds good. That’s my favorite option at this time, “and noted that” Barcelona and Alki David would form a beautiful association. “

In the eye of the hurricane

The businessman took advantage of the interview to defend himself against an incident for which he was arrested in the Caribbean for landing on the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis with thousands of cannabis plants and assured that he has no criminal record.

Of course, his name was also news when he had to pay more than 4 million dollars to a worker after being convicted of sexual assault, when a jury ruled that “he dropped his pants and put his head in the crotch” to the woman .

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