“Neither Messi nor Cristiano surpass Ronaldo, the Brazilian”


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Jose Mourinho It is news again. The coach of Tottenham He took advantage of the break in English football to grant an interview in which he opined on who he considers they are the best players in history and surprised by pointing to Ronaldo above Christian and Messi.

The Portuguese coach recognized that the three are at a similar level, since “Ronaldo, the Brazilian, Cristiano and Leo Messi have been on top every day for 15 years, with very long and successful careers. “

However, he noted that “if we talk strictly about talent and ability, nobody beats the Brazilian “, something that proved “when I was in Barcelona with Bobby robson, I realized it was the best player i had ever seen in my life”.

Mourinho, which refers to the 1996-97 season in which he coincided with ‘The Phenomenon’ in FC Barcelona, also admitted that injuries were primed with the Brazilian to the point of considering that “they killed a career that could have been even more incredible.”

Of course, he wanted to emphasize that “the talent that the boy had at 19 it was something incredible. If we talk exclusively about talent, nobody surpassed it. ”

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