“I would vote yes in a referendum, but if I won independence, I would leave Catalonia”

Former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, in a file image.

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Sandro Rosell He is the next protagonist of the ‘Lo de Évole’ program, where he admits that he would vote yes in the event of a referendum for the independence of Catalonia, but he clarifies: “If the end result is yes, I am leaving Catalonia” .

The former president of the FC Barcelona also refers, in the advance of the interview granted to the laSexta program presented by Jordi Évole, 643 days after he was held in preventive prison, to be later declared innocent and acquitted of all charges.

In the advanced images, Évole asks Rosell direct questions, as if he is an independentist, to which the ex-leader culé left a reflection that disturbed the interviewer.

“You tell me. I explain some facts and you tell me if I am or not. If there was a referendum on independence, I would vote yes, but I would go home. If the end result is yes, I am leaving Catalonia. If the end result is no, I stay in Catalonia. Am I or am I not? This is how I think … “, argues Rosell before a surprised Évole.

Another of the issues addressed was the alleged conspiracy against Rosell, who accused the police of placing an envelope with money in his house during the arrest to accuse him.

“What I am saying is that it was not mine, nor my wife’s. And that in the morning it wasn’t there. ” Évole asks him if he thinks there is a conspiracy and the former president culé responds: “I have no doubt.”

All this leads Rosell to want “to know who is behind it, I want to know, if not, explain to me how it can be. What is it, a prosecutor who gets up in the morning and says, hey, I’m going to investigate Rosell for what he did eleven years ago in Brazil, privately? Is it difficult for me … “.

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