Unai Emery remembers the 6-1 that Barça endorsed him with PSG: “I would change the referee”

Unai Emery remembers the 6-1 that Barça endorsed him with PSG:

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Unai Emery is still affected by the 6-1 that FC Barcelona endorsed PSG in 2017 to knock them out of the Champions League on the second leg of the round of 16, after the Parisians reaped a hefty 4-0 in the first leg. The former Arsenal coach (and the French team, among others) admitted that he recently saw part of the game repeated and reloaded against Aytekin’s refereeing.

“There are many details in the game that can be broken down. But if I start from the end the referee changes and that’s it“he confessed about what he himself has described as”his worst moment“as a coach.

The technician started by mentioning certain changes you would make to be able to go back to the past. “I saw that an important player for us, who had had problems during the week, was hiding in the result. Maybe now he would change it.”

However, he wanted to influence the “trap“that the Barça players were handed to the referee of the match.”The Barça players, especially Suárez, threw themselves into the area continuously, they put so much pressure on the referee until he fell into the trap“he added.

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