“I need more experience to train Barça”

Xavi Hernandez

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The former captain of BarcelonaXavi Hernandez acknowledged this Monday that he still needs “a little more experience” before fulfilling his dream of sitting on the Barça bench to lead the first team.

“In January there was no time, I had conversations with Abidal and Grau and an important proposal, but it was not the time. I need a little more experience, training for Barça is my dream, I would like someday, I have said that many times, “said Xavi in ​​a question and answer session on Instagram.

The Catalan, current coach of Al-sadd Qatari, he shared that and other reflections in a video meeting with his former partner Samuel Eto’o on the account of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, of which both are official ambassadors.

Looking to his future as a culé coach, Xavi acknowledged that he would love for it to happen before Leo Messi he retired, since being able to share a team with him again “would be a plus”.

“Messi still has five or seven very good years left, he takes great care of himself and will be able to continue until he is 37, 38 or 39. The Qatar World Cup will be played for sure“, he claimed.

Neymar sends the PSG fans to silence.

Xavi and Eto’o also had time to talk about football news and both agreed that the return of Neymar it would be the best for Barcelona.

“There’s no doubt is in the top three or five in the worldIt can make a difference. I have shared a team with him and he has a positive character, it would add a lot to Barça, it would be an extraordinary signing to make a difference, “concluded Xavi.

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