Rosell confesses to Jordi Évole and denounces a “conspiracy” against him: “It didn’t help to be Catalan”

Former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, in a file image.

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Sandro Rosell awarded to ‘Lo de Évole’ his first television interview after spending 643 days in preventive detention and has left several interesting reflections. The former president of FC Barcelona shared the harshness of everything lived in prison and denounced a conspiracy against him.

The former leader was found innocent and acquitted of all charges, but recalled several moments in the process, such as when the police found an envelope with money at his home, which Rosell said deliberately placed to charge him and he was part of a “conspiracy”: “When they send me to prison I think there is a personal persecution. I am convinced that it was not a judicial error. And it didn’t help to be Catalan. ”

Rosell did not stop referring to the reasons that could have caused the persecution against his person: “I don’t understand why they are acting against me, perhaps because we put the four bars on the Barca, or because we let the Catalan route pass through the Camp Nou, or because we signed Neymar against the interests of another club, or because we sold them the rights to telephone and not to Mediapro?”, he claimed.

A ‘VIP Big Brother’

Rosell was sent to the prison of Soto del Real whom the interviewer came to refer to as a “Big Brother VIP” by the amount of celebrities it contained within its walls: from Luis Bárcenas, Jordi Pujol or Rodrigo Rato, until Ángel María Villar, Ignacio González or Jordi Cuixart.

Rosell pulled a sense of humor to refer to this personalities mix, since he said that “it seemed the newscast of La Sexta” and he reminded some of them: “Luis Bárcenas is very nice to me. He is a person who has a different personality,” he said of the ex-treasurer of the Popular Party.

“Very good time. Always I remember the hug he gave us when they gave us freedom. You could tell he was glad they released us. Jordi Pujol helped us the first days when entering. I liked him very much Jordi Cuixart because it is very fresh, natural. He identified the birds of Soto del Real. In prison you have to spend time, “he recalled.

The National Court acquitted Sandro Rosell by not finding the evidence conclusive.

Rosell described the harshness of being incarcerated in a prison, since it is a “totally unknown world”, and acknowledged that “the first thing I did when leaving was to take a shower. I saw myself in a whole naked mirror, and it was the first time i saw myself in two years, because in the prison there are no mirrors. The ego we have is beastly, you need to see yourself. I had lost 8 kilos ”.

Rosell, who revealed that “every day we forced ourselves to walk a minimum of 10km in the prison yard, to keep fit and don’t let the pot go“It’s exactly 80 laps around the track,” he also noted that “the cell was about 5m long by 2m wide. You had a small open shower. A metal toilet bowl. I will never forget it in winter. Your ass was freezing cold. You have to swallow pride and intimacy, and do it in front of your partner. The human body gets used to everything, including prison. You have no other. “

He defended his innocence

The judicial process left her in a delicate situation to his family, since “they came to block us all heritage. 30 million euros. It is lived thanks to the parents, that my family paid the bills ”. In addition, he noted that “every time they deny you freedom it’s a sinking feelingof despair “and that he came to have the attempt to plead guilty” to a crime that does not exist and to make a pact with the prosecution. ‘No’, I do not want to agree with anyone, we are going to the end. And Joan said to me: Sandro, if you endure, I endure. ’ If you say yes, I accept the agreement. And having lied, I would have been a criminal. Just lying so I can get out. ”

Sandro Rosell, ex-president of Barcelona, ​​on his release from the Soto del Real prison.

Sandro Rosell has sued the State for the hell he has lived because “two years in prison, of no life, are worth everything. Priceless. Two years in jail are not paid with anything. Two years of life have been stolen from you. ”

In addition to referring to the issue of his independence that gave so much to talk about in the advance published the previous days, Rosell wanted to make it clear that being president of Barça was key in his case: “When I introduced myself to Barça, I immediately declared everything because someone told me: ‘Sandro, when you are president of Barça, they will come after you.’ A wise man from Barcelona, ​​and I thought: Bah, it won’t be like that. That is the focus. Before being president, he had 0 contributions from the tax agency and after that, 72. “

What most caught the attention of the former leader is “the money was declared to the Spanish public treasury. This case comes 11 years later, without private complaint, and with private money. It is normal? God come down and see you. ”

Rosell acknowledges that “I have a bit of a grudge”, but celebrates that “they will also acquit the Abidal case.” Of course, he regrets that “it is part of whole chase pack they did to me. What he knows the most is the most absurd defamation, and the damage they have done to the Barcelona Clinic. It seems more serious to me that for harming me they harm this institution. ”

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