“It would not be fair for Barça to be champion, we have shown ourselves to be better”

Sergio Ramos, during the Clásico between Real MAdrid and Barcelona.

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has wanted to defend the merits of his team so that, if LaLiga is over, FC Barcelona is not proclaimed champion. The meringues lost the first place in the classification in the last game they played where they lost against Betis.

The Belgian claimed, in statements to RTBF, that the distance of two points still allows them to be champions and that in their particular duel with the Catalans they benefit.

“If it were decided in Spain that Barcelona is the champion, it wouldn’t seem fair. We have tied a game with them and we have won the other, then we have proven to be a better team than them. We are two points behind, but I would not agree with that measure, “he justifies.

As a comparison, Courtois uses the Premier and Liverpool as an example, “I would understand if they proclaimed champion, Because he doesn’t know how many points they get the second “.

The white goalkeeper was in favor of ending LaLiga and playing the remaining eleven days … but with conditions. “I think the season should be over, but of course safety comes first. You have to take protection measures into account and be 100% sure before playing again because you can be infected without symptoms. “

  • Barcelona players during training.

“You have to be careful who you are in contact with,” he warned, and expressed his concern with the games being resumed. “What if there is a player from another computer infected? These are things to consider, but I would love to end the season. “

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