“If Messi comes, I accept that Lautaro leaves Inter”

The versatile Argentine attacker is comfortable at Juventus, where he has reached a value of 108 million euros.

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The former president of Inter MilanMassimo Moratti it is clear that he would acceptthat the ‘neroazzurro’ setlet yourself out to Lautaro Martínez to FC Barcelona if there was a barter with Leo Messi and if not, your best option would be Juventus’ ’10’, Paulo Dybala.

If Messi comes, I accept that Lautaro leaves Inter. And if Leo is impossible, in the place of the ‘Bull’ he would want Dybala, “confessed Moratti, the top Interista leader for 18 years, in an interview with ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.

On the other hand, he remembers the victory in the 2010 Champions League against Bayern in the final of the Santiago Bernabéu and, “paradoxically”, the “least difficult” match on the Interista route. “We had already suffered enough in Barcelona. Emotionally, we won the Champions at the Camp Nou“he admits.

“There was the most dramatic game of my life. We played almost the whole game with ten for the unfair expulsion of Thiago Motta. There we understood that fate was on our side, that we could overcome any obstacle“says the businessman.

Moratti also acknowledges that he was “ready” for the farewell of José Mourinho to Real Madrid, practically ratified after the European conquest. “It was painful anyway, but I remember when we hugged each other in the field I told him that at that moment he could do whatever he wanted. It was there that he began to cry,” he says.

The former leader also gives “much” credit for that success to the Portuguese’s predecessor, Roberto Mancini, while, on the contrary, believes that he chose the relay of ‘Mou’ wrong in the figure of Rafa Benítez. “The truth is that I made a mistake. Benítez was very good, but he was not the right person. He should have taken Leonardo immediately, not at Christmas,” he says.

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