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Andres Iniesta has wanted to celebrate on social networks the eleventh anniversary of the ‘Iniestazo’, or at least the first of them, the goal with which FC Barcelona eliminated Chelsea in the last minute of the Champions League semifinals 08/09, at Stamford Bridge.

The manchego called the so-called ‘Hijos del Iniestzo’ by videoconference, those children who were born more or less nine months after the goal, a baby boom that back in 2010 caught the attention of sociologists.

Ignacio and Josep Enric were the lucky ones who were able to chat for a while with the author of one of the most important goals in Barcelona’s history. Both, recognized Barca, were very happy with the surprise and grateful to the player.

As expected, Iniesta was asked about his possible return to FC Barcelona. “If I have the opportunity to return to Barça, I still don’t know what, but I would like to. I’ve been there all my life“he confessed.

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