“He is the best athlete in history”

Rafa Nadal with children from his academy

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Toni Nadal granted an interview to Argentina Radio Villa Trinidad where they took the opportunity to ask him about two of the best athletes in the current scene and in history. As the authoritative voice of sport for talk so much about Leo Messi and his nephew Rafa, of which he was a coach for many years, surprised by getting wet in favor of the Argentine, whom he considers “the best athlete in history”.

“I have not seen anyone do what he does. My children are fans and they always show me videos. He is the best athlete in history“, commented on the star of FC Barcelona, ​​team where his brother Miguel Ángel played for eight seasons in the 90’s.

Both Leo Messi and Rafa Nadal broke into their sports from a very young age and have dominated them ever since, outdoing the best from the beginning of their careers. Toni sees a big difference between the attitude between the now “veterans” with the new generations of athletes.

“In the past, young people beat you up, but today I think it ends lacking some compromise. They are good the day they play well. When they play badly after a game they say ‘see you next week’. Nadal, Djokovic and Federer when they play well they win, and when they play badly too. That’s the difference in a great tournament: having to win when you don’t have to win

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