“A few more days of training would not go bad”

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Gerard Piqué, Catalan defender of FC Barcelona, ​​has opined that “what LaLiga is doing to return to play makes sense” because it is “this or end the season without playing, which would be quite ugly.”

Piqué referred to the return to club training on an individual basis to begin preparing for the return of the league competition during the month of June.

“We have been well informed by the clubs about the protocol tests and we are comfortable. The experience of training alone is different, but you have to adapt,” said the Catalan central defender in ‘The Great Game of Let’s Go‘.

“Any precautionary measure is welcome. There are many people who are afraid or at least respect the virus and it is important that everyone knows the protocol and abides by it. If each of us complies with what they tell us, everything must go well, “he confessed.

For Piqué, the return to soccer depends on “many interests” and he recognized that “Playing without an audience doesn’t like it, but it is what it is”.

“It is either this or staying without finishing the League, which would be quite ugly. What the League is doing makes sense, hopefully everything goes well and there are no infected to start the competition,” said Piqué on the Movistar program.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, showed his preference for starting the League on June 12, although he acknowledged that it will depend on whether there is a spike in infections or not. That date for Piqué is premature due to the inactivity of the players.

“We have been unemployed for a long time and with just one month of training, it would take more into account that we are better prepared to avoid risk of injury. A few more days of training would not hurt us“he confessed.

Finally, Piqué spoke about the possibility of some rallies taking place before playing the matches. “Concentration is a delicate subject because this measure, for the player, is difficult. “

“I understand the point of view of the League, but for the players that we listen to, we follow the protocol and we will try not to get infected, not being home is hard. If this can be avoided or reduced to the maximum, we appreciate it “, he concluded.

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