The Bulgarian has minimized the importance of the current Manchester City coach, since he considers that It was not so relevant in the promotion of the Blaugrana club in his years on the bench. “The same would have been achieved with or without Guardiola,” he assured in an interview with the British ‘Mirror’.

Stoichkov argues that all Guardiola did was to build on previous work already done by his predecessor, Frank Rijkaard. “I had a team made, Guardiola’s work It was easy, he knew the secret of La Masía. The team he coached had been built by Rijkaard, he already found it structured. Messi and other young people have already debuted with Rijkaard and the same things would have been achieved without Pep, “insists the controversial ex-soccer player.

He does not only refer to the Argentine star, but also points out that other players were already in full swing or on the rise when Guardiola arrived. “They were Henry, Ronaldinho, Deco, Puyol or Valdés. There were players that Pep had to remove, but Iniesta and Pedro came in, gave Messi more time and the team was already complete, “he recalled.

Stoichkov and Guardiola were teammates for seven seasons, until the first went to CSKA in Sofia.

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