“I have never felt worse”

Valladolid midfielder Óscar Plano.

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Jari Litmanen, the mythical former player of Ajax, the FC Barcelona and the Liverpool, among other teams, and considered the considered the best footballer in the history of Finland, announced that it has overcome the coronavirus after a long and annoying process which lasted up to four weeks.

Litmanen was blunt in a promotional speech by a Finnish bookmaker, reporting that “probably I have never felt in a worse state physical”.

The former Finnish midfielder explained that he had “fever, headaches, muscle pain, respiratory problems and all kinds of things “in the aforementioned process, although he made it clear that he is fully recovered.

Litmanen was one of the stars of Ajax who conquered the Champions League in 1995 but did not have the same fortune at Barça and Liverpool, where his trajectory was affected by continuous injuries.

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