“I would like Guardiola to come back”


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Joan Laporta He has reiterated that he is “excited” to be the top leader of the FC Barcelona and is preparing a firm proposal to stand for the 2021 elections, and he has indicated that he would like Pep Guardiola to be, once again, his coach.

“I would very much like him to come back GuardiolaBut now he’s at City and it’s a decision Pep should make. Is a benchmark of Barcelona and many culés would like to train Barça again“, recognized the ex-president culé in the program ‘Tot es mou’ on TV3.

In this sense, he added that he has thought of “possible candidates” to be a Barça coach if he shows up and wins the elections Next year. “In the right moment I will talk to the person we think he should be a Barça coach from 2021 “, he pointed out.

Laporta, President ofl FC Barcelona between 2003 and 2010, and that he was the one who trusted Guardiola to take the reins of the first team in the 2008/09 season, that of the first treble, also I would welcome Xavi Hernández as a coach.

“You must think if you are ready”

“Xavi is already a coach, he lives by soccer and it is he who must decide what his moment is. In 2021 he still there will be players who were Xav’s teammatesi, and you must think about whether you are prepared to lead ex-colleagues, which is not an easy thing, “he warned.

Of course, he has not entered into talks with Xavi, current coach of the Al-sadd from Qatar. “He is an honest man, knows a lot about football and will make the right decision, you will know what is your moment to train Barça. I have not spoken of Xavi of these subjects “, clarified.

About those elections in 2021, when the mandate of Josep Maria Bartomeu ends and that right now they only have one official pre-candidate, businessman Victor Font, assured that he is working to introduce himself.

“I am looking forward to managing a period in Barça’s history where there will be players who will have a few years and I already had them when I was president, “he explained.

“The Barça of the 3,000 million”

Laporta is already working with people he trusts (“prestigious professional entrepreneurs”) to build the project to face “Barça of the 3,000 million“in 2021.” They are 1,000 million debt, 1,000 million expenses and we will see if there will be 1,000 million income, “he charged against the current Board.

“It is a dramatic situation, we are working on a proposal to reverse this situation. excited about itAs I have already been president, I am excited to continue working for Barça, “he said.

For Laporta, Barça has an economic problem but also an image one. “You have to change the institutional image Barça because what they have given in these years is not desirable, “he said.

Regarding the current season and the situation caused by the coronavirus, he assured that would like to see Barça champion LaLiga Santander on the grass, and “not in the offices”.

“In any case, if the decision is to end the League and Barça is champion, welcome but we would like to win it by competing. You should return to the competition when it is safe. I think the League will end and I think we will have ‘Champions’ in August, “he ventured.

Support Sandro Rosell

On the other hand, he reiterated his support for his former friend and partner Sandro Rosell, a subsequent electoral enemy, after his preventive imprisonment despite being finally declared innocent. “Having been in prison for two years and then being acquitted without any incriminating evidence, since I said it was unfair and disproportionate “he recalled.

“I wish you to overcome this nightmare that you must have lived, and I tell you that life continues, that you look forward. People we can face and have divergent opinions, but when it is a question of humanity, we all have sensitivity especially if we are not spiteful, “he concluded.

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