Messi donates 500,000 euros to help Argentine toilets

Arbeloa did not take long to remember Barcelona in a live performance with Valentí Sanjuan.

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Leo Messi has left a new sign of their solidarity after making a donation of 500,000 euros to the ‘Together for Argentine Health’ campaign, promoted by the Garrahan Foundation, whose objective is “to collaborate in the purchase of protection supplies for health professionals and equipment to deal with the pandemic,” according to the foundation itself. .

The contribution of crack FC Barcelona It was celebrated in the statement from the Garrahan Foundation, which quotes words from its executive director, Silvia Kassab: “We are very grateful for this recognition of our work, allowing us to continue our commitment to Argentine public health.”

Kassab added that “through the donation of 500,000 euros, the Garrahan Foundation has specified, in a first stage, the delivery to different institutions in the country” of various materials, such as eight transfer respirators, six multiparameter monitors, 50 infusion pumps and thirteen computers. “

In addition, “the acquisition of other supplies that have already been imported and are soon to be received: five high-frequency ventilation equipment and protection elements for professionals,” the statement said.

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The Garrahan Foundation note explains that the material has been distributed among José María Cullen (Santa Fe) hospitals; Provincial del Centenario (Rosario); Garrahan Pediatrics (CABA); Bicentennial of Esteban Echeverría (Province of Buenos Aires); High Complexity Cuenca Alta (Cañuelas, Buenos Aires province); Zonal de Agudos Gral. Constituents “Manuel Belgrano” (San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires); and OCD and Telehealth Modular Hospitals.

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