“Perhaps Setién misunderstood him, we cannot win the Champions League as before the break”


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Leo Messi He has returned this week with his teammates to individual training after more than 50 days of confinement and has also returned to the media to analyze the return of football and the state of Barça.

The Argentine has spoken for Sport and Mundo Deportivo and has done so, as he has in recent months, without hesitation.

About the words that sowed controversy before confinement and in which Messi assured that, just as Barça was, he did not give them to win the Champions League, Messi pronounced this way: “What I think is that the technician misunderstood what I said or misunderstood what he meant. What I said is that playing as we had been playing the last games before the break it seemed clear that we were not enough to win the Champions League. I never doubted the squad we have and I have no doubt that you can win all that remains, but not by playing in the way we were playing. “

However, consider that confinement “may end up benefiting them” for the break to take perspective and catch the competition with more desire.

As for how the return of football is considered, Leo is optimistic but concerned: “We know that everything will be weird, without people on the pitch, which is something I once played and it seemed very strange to me and with the theme of the concentrations that the truth we would not like to have to be separated from our families and you have to see how it finally turns out. “

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