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Resident has released his latest video clip, his song ‘Before the World Ends‘and has based it purely on a particular theme: love. The video has brought together more than 100 pairs from many different guilds and sectors, which have been recorded kissing. From actors, through actors, to athletes, and of course, footballers.

A couple above the others has stood out, at least within the world of sports, and could not be other than that of Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo. The FC Barcelona captain stars in a passionate kiss with his wife that has caught the attention of football fans.

A song “dedicated” to confinement and a sense of community that humanity is experiencing. “There are known figures, but it is to show that we are all in the same and they are in the same way as all the others, just as loving, affectionate, perhaps vulnerable, all within the same chain alike, “said the singer.

In addition to Messi, the Juventus player also participated in the world of soccer, Paulo Dybala with her partner, Oriana Sabatini; and sports, the Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez.

F.C. Barcelona Sport

F.C. Barcelona Sport News

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