“I feel like Oleguer at Barça”

Ibai and Kun Agüero

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The good vibes between Ibai Llanos and David Broncano, which has already been seen in several interviews in The resistance, moved to an online game at Valorant, the game that can end the reign of the League of Legends or Fortnite in the world of eSports.

The popular caster invited the presenter and humorist from Jaén to join a game in which another top gamer also participated as Ocelot. In it, which has meant the (official) debut of Broncano in these competitions, there is no lack of laughter and excitement among them.

The presenter of La Resistencia already left the first headline while they were putting the nicks and setting up the game: he played totally naked. “It is like sitting on a dolphin,” he confesses about the chair he has bought for his home.

Ibai, Ocelote and ‘BroncanoGamer’, the nickname used by the humorist, left a good laugh, as the first ‘kill’ of the guest. “I feel like Oleguer at Barça, who won a Champions League without doing anything, “joked the presenter before the laughter of his teammates. They also left other headlines like” hey, but if they have a ‘roomba‘(the popular robot vacuum cleaner) “, Broncano was jokingly outraged.

The full game can be seen on Ibai’s YouTube channel:

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