This is Arthur’s nutritional plan for parties … and how he has adapted to quarantine

George Russell, at the forefront of the virtual Spanish GP.

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Arthur In recent days, he has become one of the fashion names in the media due to the rumors that involve him in a possible signing by Juventus, in exchange for Pjanic. The midfielder dazzled in his first season but his physical form has weighed on him in his second year of Barça.

For this reason, the Brazilian has placed himself in the hands of a nutritionist to improve their diet and adapt it to the soccer elite, as Marca collects. Rafa Barleze is in charge of designing Arthur’s menu, marking the foods to eat and which to avoid.

His entire routine revolves around games. its first phase focuses on preparing for the meeting, more specifically on Previous 36 hours to your dispute. The menu is based on foods rich in natural carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to promote the accumulation of glucose in the muscles.

The next objective will be the same game day, in which the footballer will consume lean protein (low-fat fish or chicken) and fast digesting carbohydrates, to avoid stomach problems during the meeting, and at the same time provide the necessary extra energy.

After the game, food is based on muscle repair and rehydration of the body. Will be searched foods with omega 3, natural carbohydrates, fats and antioxidants. Fish, potatoes, and certain fruits like cherries are good for this recovery.

Finally, adaptation, in the days between matches. A low carb menu with natural fats that also provide calories, and many proteins to expand athletic ability.

Coronavirus change of plans

Modric, during a Real Madrid training.

However, the football breakdown due to the pandemic has caused Arthur to have to alter his eating plan, with no matches in between and with two months locked up at home. Arthur’s new diet consists of breakfasts with protein (eggs); lunches with vegetable, protein (chicken), hydrates (rice or pasta); a fruit and yogurt snack; and Dinner with fish, hydrates in the form of potatoes, accompanied by vegetables, and, in all their meals, dessert fruits.

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