“I will ask him who is going to win the Champions League”

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Luis Figo It is back in the news for one of his publications on social networks. The former soccer player of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona scoffed at the latest CIS study from Tezanos in an ironic tweet it did not take long to provoke a wave of reactions.

Figo questioned the truthfulness and neutrality of the study, which states that the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic “drives the Socialist Party” at the polls.

The Portuguese uploaded a screenshot of the news and pulled irony to stoking the conclusion of the study: “Interesting. I will ask who will win the Champions League this year, “he wrote alongside a skeptical smiley and another laughing.

Figo shows again their disagreement with management of the health emergency in Spain and, more specifically, in Madrid, even claiming that “this is a fucking ruin”.

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