“I am also a son of a bitch”

Saúl Ñíguez celebrates a goal with Atlético de Madrid.

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Chiellini and Luis Suárez They were the protagonists of one of the most iconic incidents of the 2014 World Cup, when in a soccer dispute, the Uruguayan went to bite the Italian defender’s shoulder. Luckily, the four months penalty they dropped they did not prevent his transfer to FC Barcelona That same summer and since then Suárez has been established as the best ‘9’ in the world in recent years.

The two main characters of the event have met again on more than one occasion, always wearing rival colors, and that has not prevented Chiellini has forgotten the matter and turned the page. In fact, in his book, ‘Io, Giorgio’, the Italian explains that the bite was “nothing strange” and declares his admiration by the Uruguayan.

“I admire his malice, if he lost it he would become a normal striker. Nothing strange happened that day in the 2014 World Cup. I scored Cavani most of the game, another difficult player to score and against whom we lost nothing. I suddenly realized I had been bitten on the shoulder. It just happened, but this is their contact strategy in hand-to-hand fighting and, if I can say it, it’s also mine“Chiellini tells about the incident.

In addition, the defender admits that he is reflected in how Suarez is. “He and I we are equal and I like to face attackers like him. I called him after a couple of days, but there was no need for an apology. I’m also a great motherfucker in the country and I’m proud of it. Malice is part of soccer. You have to be smart to beat an opponent. “

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