The current Spanish coach, to collate the case Nikola Mirotic (a former Madrid player now in Barcelona) responds to Pablo Lolaso ​​about how he takes away the hatred that generates a change to the eternal rival, of which he is an already classic example in football. “It does not generate hatredDo you think it generates hatred? “Replied the former soccer player.

“That is a generation of hormones. It is like harmful cells that can harm you if you do not throw them out. It works very well, because it serves to expel the burning. It is necessary to promote more that the team players changehe joked.

Luis Enrique was not surprised by the reaction, however, something that he himself promoted with the famous celebration of his goal at the Bernabéu stretching the Barcelona shirt. “For one who marked …”ironic the coach.

When Toñín Llorente, a good friend of the Asturian, questions him about the reaction of Fabio Capello, who said that Barcelona had paid a large amount and actually went free, Luis Enrique is released.

Brazilian Real Madrid player Ronaldo greets Italian coach Fabio Capello when he is substituted. (Efe)

“It was one of the nice things. I ended my contract with Madrid after five years. We did not reach an agreement, but they wanted to renew me. From there, I took the path I wanted. We all want them to speak well of us“Of course, but for me it was very gratifying to see that the coach, who was highly recognized worldwide, said that he could not understand that Luis Enrique had left free,” he admits.

“Obviously, what attracted the most were the possible controversies or the gestures that I could make,” he continues. “But that is part of football. In addition, it would be necessary to differentiate the reaction of the public in a stadium, that if it does not reach the limits of physical violence I can understand it. When I have walked through Madrid I have always received affection, although some say ‘why did you leave’ … If it is not taken out of context, people in the end understand that this guy is gone. Furthermore, I would like those who say they would not change to have this kind of opportunity … “, he points out.

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