“I made the decision to go to Real Madrid after the semifinal against Barcelona”

Jose Mourinho

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The portuguese Jose Mourinho, coach of Tottenham, former Real Madrid and winner of the treble on the bench of Inter Milan in 2010, assured this Friday that decided to sign for the Madrid team after the second semifinal of the 2010 Champions League, in which eliminated Barcelona.

If I had returned to Milan after the final from the Santiago Bernabéu, with the fans chanting my name, maybe I wouldn’t have left Inter. I had not yet signed with Madrid. Those who say that a Madrid delegate came to our hotel in Madrid before the final (won against Bayern Munich) say nonsense, “Mourinho said in an interview with the Italian newspaper” La Gazzetta dello Sport “.

“I wanted to go to Madrid. They already wanted me from the previous yearI proposed it to President Massimo Moratti, but he convinced me to stay. And Madrid had already said no when he was in the Chelsea. You can’t say no to Madrid three times“he added.

Mourinho made history in the 2009-2010 season by winning it all at the head of Inter, including a European Cup that the Milanese fans had been waiting for since 1965, when it was won by the team led by the Spanish Luis Suárez Miramontes.

At way to the end Santiago Bernabéu, Inter eliminated Barcelona from Pep Guardiola, champion of everything, with a test of overcoming in the Camp Nou in the return semifinal. After winning that match, Mourinho decided that he would accept signing for Real Madrid.

I made the decision after the second semifinal with Barcelona, ​​because I knew we were going to win the ‘Champions’. Moratti had been made to understand. Words were not necessary, it was noted by how we hugged each other on the field after the Madrid final. Moratti told me ‘after this you have the right to leave‘. It was the right to do what he wanted, but to be happy. In fact, I was happier in Milan than in Madrid“said the Portuguese coach.

Mourinho’s Madrid stage lasted from 2010 to 2013 and ended with a Spanish League, a King’s Cup and a Super Cup. He touched the final of the Champions League three times, but fell three times in the semifinal, against Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Mourinho also wanted to remember one of the most remembered incidents of that match, when he approached Guardiola, who was giving Ibrahimovic directions, to say a few words, unknown until now.

“When Busquets fell almost stunned, I was diagonally between our bench, theirs and the place where Thiago Motta was sent off. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Barcelona bench celebrating as if they had already won, Guardiola calling Ibra to talk about tactics: tactics in 11 against 10 … I just told him: ‘Don’t throw the party the party isn’t over. ‘”

Serge Aurier celebrates a goal against Marcelo at Real Madrid - Tottenham.

In the long interview, Mourinho also reviewed a key moment in the template creation Inter won the treble in 2010. In the summer of 2009, the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the Milanese team to go to Barcelona and Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon went the opposite way.

“The problems started that summer in a friendly against Chelsea. The newspapers had been saying for days ‘Ibra goes to Barcelona’, ‘Ibra does not go to Barcelona’. He, that day, played 45 minutes, because he is a true professional. But in the locker room told us’I’m going to Barcelona, ​​I’m going to win the Champions League‘”said the Portuguese coach.

“My collaborators were devastated, they said ‘without him it will be impossible to win the Champions’, and the teammates did not want to lose him either. I was worried, but in the end I said: ‘Maybe you are leaving and we won the Champions League’. It was crazy, but in the locker room the atmosphere changed, “he concluded.

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