Controversy with Yayá Touré in Brazil for committing to two teams

Controversy with Yayá Touré in Brazil for committing to two teams

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Landing Yayá Touré in Brazilian soccer he will be more moved than could be expected, since the former FC Barcelona midfielder, among other teams, has committed to two clubs of the ‘Brasileirão’. That is at least what the vice president of the Botafogo after Touré has announced an agreement with the Basque of Gama.

The African, who has just turned 37 and has spent the last six months without a team, like other old rockers, has been at the center of the controversy in Rio de Janeiro, the city to which the two teams that bid for the.

“He is a person with attitude, but without character, without word,” he criticized. Ricardo Rotenberg, vice president of Botafogo, as he ensures that from his club they had conversations with the footballer to the point that they thought they had convinced him.

However, the footballer himself stated that he will sign for Vasco in case the candidate for president Luiz Roberto Leven Siano is chosen, as stated in the contract that both signed, as announced by the applicant himself.

This stated that Touré will be Basque from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2022, after signing a two-year contract, and explained that he saw “a very happy guy to come.”

“You have a contract with me where agrees to have a contract with Vasco. There are fines for noncompliance, but I saw a guy very happy to come to Vasco“says Leven Siano, who published a video welcoming Touré and in which the midfielder himself appears.

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