The Abidal Foundation creates a robot to reduce the anxiety of hospitalized children

Setién, in one of his first training sessions with FC Barcelona.

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The Abidal Foundation this week introduced ‘Abi22‘, a remote control robot so that hospitalized children can manage it before their operations and virtually move around the center, so that your anxiety levels are reduced and your mood improves.

This new initiative is part of the foundation’s latest positive reinforcement program for kids, which was created in 2013 by the technical secretary of FC Barcelona, Eric abidal, and his wife, Hayet Abidal, to help pediatric oncology patients.

“When Abi22 enters the room, the face of the child and his family changes. The illusion makes him forget where he is and that he becomes a child again, “said Andrea Martí, head of the Abidal Foundation.

The first person who could benefit from ‘Abi22’ was Biel, a 7-year-old boy admitted to the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona who was able to “walk” without even leaving his room and visit for the first time a mural located at the entrance of the center that until now he had not been able to see.

“This activities help us fight all this and not only because they occupy time differently, which are neither cures nor treatments, but also for the positive feelings it generates“added the deputy to the Vall d’Hebron nursing directorate, María Ángeles Aceituno.

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