Sonia Bermúdez, historic Spanish forward and winner of nine leagues, announces her retirement from football

Sonia Bermúdez, historic Spanish forward and winner of nine leagues, announces her retirement from football

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Madrileña Sonia Bermúdez announced this Wednesday his sporting withdrawal from the world of football, to which he has been linked for two decades, conquering nine league titles and three of the Queen’s Cup.

Bermúdez, 35, played last season in the I raised and in which he had landed in 2018. The ‘granota’ team was the seventh club in his resume after the Sporting Huelva, the Sabadell, the Vallecano Ray, the FC Barcelona (in two epochs), the Atlético de Madrid, and the WNY Flash American.

The forward, one of the best scorers in national football, won three league titles with the Vallecano team, the club in her native neighborhood, another four with Blaugrana and two more with the mattress player, in addition to a cup-trophy with each of these three teams. In addition, he was international with the Spanish team, with which he played the Historic First World Cup in Canada.

With the Spanish team he played 63 matches and scored 34 goals, although the arrival of Jorge Vilda to the position of coach made him lose prominence to the point of staying out of calls since 2015.

Soccer thank you letter

“Thank you football, 20 years with you, enjoying every training session, every game and every moment. Thanks to you I knew what my path was,” Sonia Bermúdez wrote on her social networks in a letter to announce her retirement.

The Madrilenian stressed that she could only say “thanks” to football. “You have given me everything I am. You taught me that raising a title was the reward for teamwork and that celebrating a goal made many people happy. That feeling always guided me,” he said.

“But if there was something above all, it was to carry your shield, listen to your hymn and represent yourself in a World Cup and a Eurocup. Playing in the Spanish team was the best experience of my life. Today I can say that I fulfilled my dream, “celebrated the front, who thanked Pedro Martínez Lasa for making her “believe” in her chances of succeeding in football.

He also remembered all the clubs that gave him “a chance”. “Thank you for trusting me, for understanding my football and for surrounding myself with footballers who made me better. Comrades, thanks to you I achieved all my goals in this sport,” she confessed.

“Thanks to my family for letting me believe in my dream and for sharing it. Now I understand that without their love nothing would have happened,” continued the woman from Madrid. “And although in this 2019-2020 season I finish my stage as a soccer player, I am full of energy and enthusiasm for learn to live differently. Thanks for making me the happiest person. Until forever soccer “, sentenced.

Farewell to her companions

Among all the signs of affection that Bermúdez has received, many of them come from his teammates, rivals and soccer friends.

Alexia Putellas, Virginia Torrecilla, Ana Romero… All of them highlight from the historic Madrid forward what they learned from her and how she was an example not only for those of her generation, but also for those who came behind.

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