“It’s a bitch not being able to celebrate a goal with the teammates”

Jordi Alba is injured again during Barça

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Jordi Alba happened this Thursday for ‘The Anthill‘and talked about how coronavirus confinement is happening.

“We are very happy to bring a new member to the family, this time it is a girl and we are very happy,” he explained about your personal situation.

On the return to training and football of the new normal, Alba pronounces this way: “At first we trained in groups of four and we really wanted to train, but on the one hand … without hobby and without people many things will change. Much of football is celebrating goals and communicating with teammates and this situation is very subtracting, “he said.

“To be honest, I’m not sure how the spitting goes, but I think they can get your card, “he added.

“It’s a bitch not being able to celebrate a goal with the teammates, we will hug each other but we will have to control it“commented the azulgrana.

In a corner there can be 17 people easily and it will be difficult because they are sets of the game in which it will be difficult to avoid contact, soccer is a sport of contact, “Alba said about the development of the game.

“We are going to have a month of competition in the League every three days … Playing every three days I know what I can control but not what the rival does so you have to be very careful, it will be difficult to control the issue of infections, “said the lateral.

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