Solution or problem? This is the situation of the 7 on loan from FC Barcelona

Aleñá and Júnior fight for a ball.

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The FC Barcelona has up nine players on loan in teams across Europe, of which seven They should return when the current season ends. Despite the fact that the loan contracts end on June 30, an extension is expected due to the atypical situation in football.

When they return, the board and the technical staff will have to analyze what about your future: Will they stay to make a hole in the squad? Will they be loaned again and have another chance to prove themselves? Or will they definitely dispense with them? These are their situations.

Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian is the most valuable loan, 56 million according to Transfermarkt, and its future is perhaps the most uncertain of all. The club is clear that it won’t sell you And if he goes out, he will do it for an offer that amortizes the investment made by him. In the pre-pandemic market values, Barça had valued him in the 100 million euros, but it will be necessary to see how prices move this summer. His future points to a return to the Premier.

Carles Aleñá

The young promise of La Masía bears 15 games this season, the vast majority of them with Betis and their performances are being good, but still it remains for him to take that step forward that Barcelona requires. At 22, the club could choose to relinquish him to seek consolidation as a quality midfielder. Of course, its long-term future lies in leading the Catalan team.

Marc Cucurella

The also canterano is probably the yielded that better is performing on his journey away from the Camp Nou. However, its future does not depend on FC Barcelona since Getafe has a purchase option on the player of 6 million euros they are a bargain for the level you have shown. Of course, with the clause of 25 million that it would have with the azulones and 40% of the next transfer that corresponds to Barça, it could play it for 15 million euros with a net cost of 9. That yes, economically would be a disaster for the entity.

  • Bartomeu, in training


A similar situation is that of the Spanish-Brazilian, except that Barcelona does not have him for your future plans. Currently at Celta, he has had lights and shadows in the games he has played this season and has not established himself as the star he should be in the Galician team. Your purchase option for the club amounts to 16 million, which at first would pay without problems, but with the market to the downside that is coming, its future is in the air.

Jean-Claire Todibo

The French center-back will return to the Barça entity after German media reported that the Schalke will not activate the purchase option of 25 million. Your performance this year not particularly featured and after the return of the Bundesliga he has been portrayed in a goal. Good chance of entry for Barça.

Setién, in one of his first training sessions with FC Barcelona.

Moussa Wagué

A promising Senegalese winger who has barely been able to demonstrate his quality in Nicewith so only 9 matches this season. In his time at the quarry a lot was expected of him and his future will depend on his level in the preseason. At 21 years old, another assignment would not be a bad idea so you can show off on the first level.

Oriol Busquets

Finally, another of the latest promises of La Masía and natural heir of Busquets, beyond sharing his last name. Handicapped by the end of the league, like Wagué, he has been a fixed in the medulla of Twente, but he has not managed to stand out in a lower league like the Dutch. Anyway, in Barcelona they continue to trust that he will become a great midfielder and unless a succulent offer arrives, it doesn’t look like it will be sold.

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