A pre-candidate to preside over Barça proposes using the Nissan factory to make the shirts under the ‘Catalonia brand’ instead of Nike

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Leo Messi

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The engineer Jordi Farré going to try to stand up to Josep Maria Bartomeu to preside over FC Barcelona, ​​something he already tried in 2015 and was left out of the cut by 500 signatures. After his ‘Som la gent normal‘Now bet on’Nou Impuls Barça‘and will try to change the face of the club, wrapped in social controversy in this already convulsive 2020.

This new impulse is to guarantee the cleaning of the accounts and the deposit of money into the coffers. Declared independentist, Farré is somewhat lukewarm in the idea that the Blaugrana team is the standard bearer Catalan nationalist movement, but it does bet on Catalan for something more concrete.

“Barça is transversal and I don’t think it has to be used to do politics. Although we all know what Barça’s origins are and what it has always represented. The club must give support in proportion to what happens in the country, but nothing plus. It is not a political tool“, he assures in an interview in EFE.

However, even if it is not used publicly to do politics, Farré does consider that the presence of Catalonia is key in the culé DNA. “The sponsor of the Barça shirt must be the Catalonia brand. Catalonia needs to be known in the world and there is no better ambassador in this regard than Barça, “he said.

An Acciona worker during protests over the closure of Nissan plants in Catalonia.

What’s more, it even bets on eliminating Nike from the equation and using the Catalan industrial force itself to make Barça products. “Why do we need Nike to sell the Barça shirt? We have to have the value of the Barça brand. In Catalonia we have the largest textile industrial fabric in Europe and we will have the facilities that Nissan will leave to make the shirt and all the products of the Barça brand. In addition, they are next to the Port of Barcelona and the Free Zone “, he argues.

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