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Unbeatable news for him FC Barcelona in the days prior to the return of the competition in LaLiga after three months of hiatus. So much Leo Messi and Luis Suárez have overcome their physical problems and they face this final stretch of the season with the batteries full.

Uruguayan the right knee was operated on last January after the elimination in the Super Cup due to problems in the external meniscus and I had not played again with Barça since then, when Ernesto Valverde was still managing the team.

For his part, Messi has experienced a series of discomfort on the return to training but in the last days he seems to have overcome his physical problems and is ready for the return of LaLiga.

With the Argentine and the Uruguayan in shape, Barça has one thing guaranteed: goals. This season between the two add 38 annotations in all their meetings and 28 in the 19 in which both have coincided on the field of play. In fact, they are the top-scoring duo so far this season, Messi being the top scorer (19) and Suarez the third (11).

It is nothing new for Barça fans since this couple has been leading the scoring records in Europe for several years. Since the Uruguayan arrived at the Camp Nou in the 2014-2015 season, between them they have made 460 goals, averaging 92 per season.

Their particular society has almost 80 self-created goals: assistance from one, goal from the other. His season with more goals in this way was the second, 15/16, in which 18 goal passes were distributed among them, 10 from Messi to Suárez and 8 from Suárez to Messi.

The absence of the charrúa has been very accused by the team in the scoring aspect. Despite the fact that Griezmann’s numbers are being quite decent in his first season (14 goals in 37 games), the figure of Suárez is key in Barca’s goals.

With Luis Suárez and Messi on the field as well as a victory record above 63%, the team averaged 2.32 goals per game. However, in games in which one of the two was not available (we remember that the Argentine was out for several weeks at the beginning of the season), the average dropped dramatically to 1.73 goals per game, and the winning percentage, up to 54%.

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Beyond the combined numbers, despite adding 33 springs, the Suarez’s statistics before his injury They were very similar to what Messi was achieving. 14 goals and 10 assists for the striker by 15 goals and 9 assists for the ’10’, thus reaffirming ‘Lucho’ as a piece with almost the same weight in Barcelona as Messi, or at least, very close to him.

In fact, one of the aspects that attracts the most attention is the associative capacity of a player as focused on the goal as Suárez isBut this will not be a surprise to those who follow closely. In his 270 games of blue and red he has participated in 299 goals (191 scored and 108 attended) and is also located in the fifth place for all-time top scorers at the club, where he has already gone down in history.

Luis Suárez has become the perfect balance of Leo Messi with a known understanding and friendship beyond the playing fields. The Uruguayan is to the Argentine what Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan in the Bulls of the ’90s and despite the fact that he does not have the leading role, despite other names that may sound to accompany Messi, the ’10’ could not find a better squire.

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