Semedo is ‘hunted’ at a party bypassing the de-escalation protocol of Sanidad and LaLiga

Luis Suárez and Leo Messi.

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The Barcelona footballer, Nelson Semedo has been caught breaking the rules established by the protocol of the return to football of LaLiga and the Ministry of Health. Sports Four has revealed some images in which the Portuguese is seen in a place in the Barcelona town of Castelldefels with others 20 people celebrating a birthday.

Being still in Phase 2 of the de-escalation, in Barcelona only meetings of one maximum of 15 people, in addition to Semedo skipping LaLiga’s recommendations for limit the contacts of footballers to those with whom they live.

The Portuguese was “betrayed” by dinner attendees that the images were uploaded and although they were deleted, the aforementioned media has had access to them.

From the club they assure not have any kind of knowledge and it is not known what measures – if any – they take with their footballer, three days after Barça returns to competition.

In addition to Semedo, up to seven footballers have been ‘hunted’ in violation of the measures they ask from LaLiga, beyond the specifications of Health. The Portuguese joins the four players from Sevilla and Jovic, who also invited Maksimovic from Getafe and Saponjic from Atlético at a barbecue last weekend.

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