Dani Alves ‘flees’ from the police while being interviewed by Ibai Llanos

Dani Alves 'flees' from the police while being interviewed by Ibai Llanos

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Dani Alves was the protagonist of the program ‘Hoy no se sal’ which they present Ibai Llanos and Kapo 013 on the UBEAT platform. The current player of the Sao Paulo entered a video call and left several moments they are giving talk.

Alves referred to all kinds of subjects with his particular sense of humor, from his quirky looks up to premature ejaculation. Of course, the main peculiarity was that did the interview while driving your car.

In fact, this left one of the anecdotes from the interview, since Alves believed that the police had caught him on his cell phone while driving, and pretended that he was on the run from the authorities when going to a gas station. All while continuing with the interview.

The Brazilian also remembered his stage in the FC Barcelona and stressed that he misses play the Classics, after having done it for so many years: “You stick your whole life working to play games like this. It is impossible that you do not miss it. “

Alves remembers “my nervous friends told me that how could I be so calm. I’ve stuck my whole life working for this! If I hadn’t worked I would be nervous, but … “.

The player did not forget criticize racism that has sparked protests around the world, remembering that “I I have lived this very closely

On this subject he explained that “when I made the action of the banana people were revolutionized by social networks but that does not work, it only works if we organize ourselves as a community and we raise our voices where we have to raise them

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