“It will be very difficult to win this League, not depending on us …”

Messi and Jordá, during Sevilla - Barcelona.

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He FC Barcelona He has yielded his first two points after drawing against Sevilla to zero, so he has left the Real Madrid with the opportunity to lead if he wins the Real society on Sunday.

This puncture may be key to the evolution of the championship, which has made Gerard Piqué be very pessimistic. “It will be very difficult to win this league. By not depending on us, we will do everything possible, but I suppose that few points will be lost. Considering the days that have happened, it will be difficult for Real Madrid to lose points“he admitted after the match.

“We have lost an opportunity to continue depending on us. Looking at the two days we have, it will be difficult. But we will try,” promised the center.

As for the game itself, Pique summarized that “it has been a very competitive game.” “The tie leaves us in a position where we don’t depend on us, there are days, but the feelings have not been bad. We have not been able to score any goals. We have had occasions, “he assured.

“We have had more occasions than them and we have had more control. They looked a little more tired and we have been quite good with the ball, although with few spaces that they closed very well,” he summarized about Lopetegui’s tactics on field.

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