The emotional memory of Sergi Roberto to his mother on World Day against ALS

Sergi Roberto and his mother, affected with ALS.

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Sergi Roberto He is one of the most conscientious Spanish athletes in the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. This very hard disease took her mother last December, and that is why she has been involved in all the acts and initiatives that take place to help raise awareness of this situation.

This June 21, on the occasion of the world day against ELA, the FC Barcelona footballer has shared a photo with Mary Rose, his mother, and a message in which he again asks for more attention on this condition, which has returned to the present day due to the case of Juan Carlos Unzué.

This is the post he dedicated to him:

“As you already know, my mother suffered from this disease and died after struggling for many years.

It is a neurodegenerative disease, characterized by a progressive atrophy of all the muscles. A cure has not yet been found, there is only one treatment to make the whole process slower and in Spain for example there is 4000 people who are fighting against it and surely they need the help of all of us.

So I take advantage of this day so that we all try help continue the investigation about this very hard disease and get a cure as soon as possible since we have to end it.

Much strength and encouragement to all.

Dear Mom

The message has been unanimously applauded, and many athletes and personalities from all walks of life have shown their love for Sergi Roberto.

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