FC Barcelona will return part of the money to subscribers for closed-door matches

Busquets and Ramos fight for a ball during Real Madrid - Barcelona.

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He FC Barcelona has informed this Monday of the options for compensation to subscribers for this end of the 2019/20 season behind closed doors, due to the coronavirus, which includes a 25 percent refund of the price paid for “not enjoyed” matches.

“The club drives compensation measures for Camp Nou subscribers for the parties that have not attended this season and modifies the schedule and the renewal conditions of the subscriptions for the next season, with the introduction of an option of leave of absence and with the forecast of return of part of the quotas for non-attended parties“the club pointed out.

Compensations for season tickets 2019/20 go through three options. On the one hand, request the 25 percent refund in September of the proportional amount of the cost of the subscription for the matches behind closed doors, with a payment in cash or vouchers for the Barça Store.

The second option would be to receive the equivalent discount on the subscription annuity for the next season (2020/21). Of course, the discount could not exceed, adding the balance of the ‘Seient Lliure’ (Barça pays the subscriber to release their seat on time), one hundred percent of the cost of the season ticket.

Finally, the club proposes give up this right to compensation in favor of the club. “The pandemic has not made it possible to meet the budget for the year because the economic objectives set for the operation of the facilities have not been achieved due to its closure and the parties without an audience,” the entity said.

Messi and Diego Carlos, during Sevilla - FC Barcelona

As for the new subscriptions for the 2020/21 season, which will maintain prices to fulfill the electoral promise Carried out in its day by Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club has postponed the renewal of the Camp Nou fertilizers until the end of August, instead of the traditional procedure scheduled for the month of July.

Barça will offer, as a novelty, the possibility of availing a temporary leave for those who do not want or cannot pay the subscription for the next season. They will be able to request this temporary leave, which will entitle them to maintain ownership of the Seient Lliure subscription and discount the following season, 2021/22, and transfer their subscription for the following 2020/21 campaign.

On the other hand, For each match that cannot be attended due to capacity limitations, the club will return the proportional part of the cost of the subscription, which will accumulate in a discount bag at the end of the season.

As long as the club does not have one hundred percent of the capacity of the Camp Nou, for the next season, the protocol of ‘Clean and Safe Stadium’ will be applied, with priority of assistance for subscribers, to whom 85% will be allocated of the permitted capacity, and the remaining 15% for sale to members and the general public.

Sergi Roberto and his mother, María Rosa Carnicer.

The first vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cardoner, explained the changes in this season of fertilizers. “The next season and for the tenth consecutive season the prices of the fertilizers will be maintained, only the CPI will rise“he recalled.

“Facing the payments of the fertilizers that will be passed from the month of August we will be very careful to be able to present an aid plan for those partners who due to their particular circumstances cannot afford the payment and must do so later. We want to convey the certainty and security that our subscribers will not lose their subscriber status due to an adverse economic situation, but will have the reinforcement of the club, “he argued.

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