The return of the Champions League, in serious danger after the rebound of infections by coronavirus in Lisbon

The Champions, at the Madrid tourist office

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The Champions League will resume on August 7. First, the remaining knockout rounds will be resolved, including the Real Madrid and Manchester City and of FC Barcelona and Naples. He Athletic is already in quarters after solving his pass in front of Liverpool, in a meeting not without controversy over the amateur trip to England.

If it is not possible in the fields of the teams that must play the home lap (Quique Setién has asked insistently, for example), the headquarters of Guimaraes and Porto.

But it will be Lisbon that houses the main dishes of the return. The Portuguese capital was chosen by UEFA as the city that was going to host a ‘final to 8’, with the quarters, the semifinals and the great game that will decide the title from August 12. However, recent events may change initial plans.

These days, Lisbon is experiencing a serious spike in Covid-19 infections. The first Minister Antonio Costa It has tightened conditions (from 20 to 10 people maximum at meetings, establishment closings at 8:00 p.m. …) after the area of ​​the capital and the Tagus Valley became the ones that accumulate the most cases in all the country. Of the 347 infections on the last day, the 87% were detected in this area.


Is “second wave”, as the authorities already describe, that Lisbon is living seriously jeopardizes the return of the Champions League. Today, UEFA has not backed down and it maintains the Benfica and Sporting Lisbon stadiums as the chosen venues, but they keep the possibility of transferring it to other fiefdoms in the bedroom. From the beginning they warned that they would be monitoring the progress of the pandemic.

What will not change, except for an absolute suspension, will be the format. Starting in the quarterfinals, they will be played single party thereby minimizing the risk.

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