Frenkie De Jong played with a bandage on his hand due to the brutal peck of a bee

Leo Messi, being treated in the Camp Nou band during the match against Villarreal.

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Frenkie De Jong He was one of the best FC Barcelona footballers in his last match against Napoli in the second round of the Champions League. The dutch was one of the few who fulfilled their role and lived up to in a match that the Catalans failed to dominate despite the result.

The midfielder returned after several weeks off due to a soleus injury of the right leg. However, many thought that this was on his hand as he wore a bulky bandage on his left, which had nothing to do with his injury.

It was not until the end of the meeting when his girlfriend, Mikky Kiemeney, explained on social networks that the Dutchman suffered a bee sting that caused significant inflammation in his hand. This swelling had to be treated although as Mikky herself announced, it all ended in laughter.

De Jong's sting
De Jong’s sting
FC Barcelona

In the images of this Sunday’s training shared by FC Barcelona confirm the importance of the sting and you could see Frenkie with his hand quite swollen, although that has not prevented him from exercising with his partners.

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