A constellation of stars in a Lisbon without passion and deserted by COVID

Atlético win in Getafe

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The curtain of the Champions League rises again this Wednesday in Lisbon, where the reduced format knockouts and single match due to the coronavirus pandemic, until on August 23 the final will be played and the champion of the convulsive 2019/20 season is decided.

Yes, the environment you breathe in the Portuguese capital it is far from being the usual when there is football in the city, let alone when there is matches of the level of those to be played in the ‘final to 8’ that will close the course.

In Lisbon, the city chosen to host all the meetings, they are already the eight lucky ones who will fight for the title most prestigious at the club level, each with its star player. Since Leo messi to Neymar or Lewandowski, nobody wants to miss the outcome of this Champions, although those who will miss it will be the fans, or at least those unconditional who move to support their players in dating of this level.

The competition will not only leave the images of the empty stands to be remembered, since Lisbon’s own streets seem alien to the passion that matches of the stature of the kind that are going to be played usually provoke.

  • Morata celebrates with his teammates after scoring against Celta.

As if that were not enough, the atmosphere has been even more rarefied after the coronavirus reached the Champions League, after the positives announced by the Athletic of Madrid that have forced the Cholo Simeone to leave at home belt to Vrsaljko.

The UEFA did not leave to chance the return of the competition, and just in case he prepared an action protocol in case of positive in any of the participating teams in the ‘8 final’ to be played in Lisbon, where the stars of the Champions League and world football they play the season without the heat of the fans.

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